The Unpredictability of the Soul: Jung’s Contribution to a Deeper Understanding of...

The Unpredictability of the Soul: Jung’s Contribution to a Deeper Understanding of Conflicts

Photo copyright © Pieter Bruegel - The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1562)

Conflicts are more than differences of opinion or contentions. Conflicts are experienced as disturbances. They are events that the vast majority of people do not want. They are an aggravation, cause sleepless nights and can render our daily lives miserable. Although we all agree with this view, the conflicts remain. They are unavoidable and occur in all human communities, relationships and social forms. How can the discrepancy between the conscious will and the reality of our daily lives be explained? This talk will address this theme and the contribution of C. G. Jung his established discipline of Analytical Psychology.

First we should consider what conflict is: In a conflict not only are the differences debated but conflicts change us. We are no longer what we usually are. Our attitudes are not the same. Ways of behaving become evident that we normally would not display and would be too ashamed to show. Through conflicts we become estranged to each other. We often no longer even understand ourselves.

[Lecture presented on the C.G. Jung Memorial Day, at the Jung-Institut Zürich on 6 June 2015]


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Psicólogo e educador, é também psicanalista junguiano. Leciona na ISAP e no C.G. Jung Institut-Zürich. Na Suíça e Alemanha, ele é bem conhecido devido a um programa especial de intervenção em violência, o Instituto de Gestão de Conflitos e Mitodrama, localizado em Berna e Zurique. Professor da Universidade de Educação do Estado de Zurique. Atualmente trabalha em países asiáticos fornecendo terapia de grupo para crianças refugiadas usando suas histórias. / Psychologist and educationalist, Jungian analytical psychotherapist. He lectures at ISAP and at the C.G. Jung Institut-Zürich. In Switzerland and Germany, he is well known through a special violence intervention program, the Institute for Conflict Management and Mythodrama located in Bern and Zurich. Professor at the University of Education of the State of Zurich. Currently works in Asian countries providing group therapy to refugee children using their stories.