The Journal of Analytical Psychology

The Journal of Analytical Psychology

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    The Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP) is especially pleased to present the first of two Special Issues from the landmark three-day Latin American conference held in April 2021 by the Journal of Analytical Psychology in collaboration with the Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia Analitica (SBPA), the Associação Junguiana do Brasil (AJB), & la Comité Latinoamericano de Psicología Analítica (CLAPA).

    The title of this event was ‘Civilisation in Transition: Clinical, Social and Academic Perspectives. This was the first conference to reach out to Latin American colleagues. Because of its tremendous success, the SAP made an unusual but significant editorial decision to publish the full conference. They wanted to showcase the tremendous clinical, theoretical, academic, and social diversity of the Jungian global community, with the aim to maintain the spirit in which the papers were presented.

    In Bráulio Porto’s article, “Exile and the kingdom: integration of an exiled family,” the Brazilian analyst discuss the subject of exile as a ubiquitous global theme. The result of multiple factors, it insinuates itself into events affecting people’s daily lives and the development of countries. Beyond politics, a psychological reading enables us to reflect on its impact, not only on the individual or group but also in relation to the exiled family.

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