Quadrant: The Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation

Quadrant: The Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation

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    While there may be no overarching theme to be found running through the articles comprising the current issue of Quadrant, each of them has something to do with one topic: storytelling.

    In Bráulio Porto’s article, “When Images Speak: Archetypal Perspectives In Drawing and Storytelling,” the Brazilian analyst presents what he has found to be “the most appropriate approach to working with the images produced by children and adolescents under analysis.” Embracing the concept developed by Archetypal Psychology founder, James Hillman, of letting the dream images “speak,” this approach utilizes a methodology that combines storytelling and an innovation Porto calls “Image Overlapping” to establish a vital connection to the “initial imaginative activity” and, thereby, confirming the “presence of a specific unconscious theme.”

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